Weekend Happenings

We had a nice Fall ride to the Hackelbarney Cider Mill on Sunday the 29th. The ride left the Morristown store at 8:00 am and we got a nice group photo at the cider mill.  I opted for an apple turnover instead of a doughnut.

We don't sell BMC bikes, but that's ok!

We don’t sell BMC bikes, but that’s ok!

My mom said this picture looked gross, but it tasted good.
apple turnover

This weekend we had Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. Specialized sent us some good promo stuff and JORBA lead the ride. I put up a signup form on the Martysreliable.com web page with some info on the event. We had about 30 kids show up and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Take a Kid Mountain Biking IMG_0834

On Sunday Marty and Jesse lead a wet ride from the Morristown Green. It was a nice easy family ride before the wellness yoga festival on the green. It was kind of rainy but fun was had by all.

That thing the kids are is called a WEEHOO. Ask Jesse about it.

That thing the kids are in is called a WEEHOO. Ask Jesse about it.

photo (39) photo (40)

On Sunday I went out to Trexlertown PA for the Bicycling Magazine Fall Classic. They had several ride options and I opted for the 90 miler. I hadn’t done one of these gran fondo style rides yet and this one looked to be pretty good. It turned out to be a great ride and I met some nice people. There were some timed climbs for a little competition, but between the climbs we just rolled at a nice quick pace.  George Hincapie was in front group with us and that was kind of cool. The ride ended with a loop around the velodrome, lunch and free beer.

Bicycling Fall Classic

George rolling along with us.

George rolling along with us.


Mark did a ride with Peggy and it was so good that she kissed him.

Mark and Peggy

Mark and Peggy

Mark did not kiss Marty, but here is a photo of them on the Green.

Mark and Marty

Mark and Marty