Team Marty’s Wins the Highlands Gran Fondo

This past weekend Team Marty’s competed in the Giordana Gran Fondo
National Series in Butler NJ with hopes of a team win as well as putting
one of us on the top step of the podium for the overall.  The team
roster included Joe Petillo, Stefan Tessoun, Dan Montgomery and  Victor
Schepisi. Despite some nasty weather the plan was executed perfectly. Team Marty’s
was awarded first place in the Team Category, Dan Montgomery second place in the
Men’s Category and Victor Schepisi as the 2016 Highlands Gran Fondo


Next stop Gran Fondo NJ Sept 11 2016.

New Jersey State Criterium

I don’t usually write race reports because who wants to hear about how I got 5th.  On Sunday I won the State Criterium Cat 3 race, so here comes a very brief race report.

Epic Aero Beard

Epic Aero Beard

On the start line there was about 80+ guys. All the cat 3 dudes came out of the wood work for this one. I was a little nervous when I heard someone say it was their first race of the season. I did my best to stay away from this one as he wobbled around the course.

So this race was a criterium or crit. Basically a crit is a bike race that consists of many short laps around a city block, or more often a business campus. One lap can be anywhere from a half mile to about a mile and a half.

This particular race was a mile circuit; set for an hour and I think it was 26-27 laps. As the race goes on people that fall off the back of the main group get pulled so they aren’t in the way of the group when it comes around. Getting dropped sucks.

Ok, back to the race. There were some early attacks and people were having some fun. I made a big move up the little hill and through the last left turn. I wanted to see how that turn handled at high speed. My plan was to execute this move if the race stayed together and came down to a sprint. Nobody came with me when I jumped, so I held it for a lap and went back into the fold.

There were countless moves, although no significant breaks developed. I had a feeling somone was going to make a big move in the second half of the race in an attempt to breakaway from the field. Most often people who know they can put in big 20min efforts will attempt to get away at this point. The field will sometimes let something go because they get tired and its kinda far from the end of the race.  Sometimes it sticks, but try it too close to the end of the race and the break is getting chased down.

Anyway, some guys went up the road and the race got strung out. I was happy because when the race goes fast it’s usaly safer. I was holding tight and not too sure if the race would stay together. Without a team working for me I just have to hope the other guys unknowingly help me out. Don’t get me wrong, I like going up the road, but when nobody goes with me and without a team I have to pick and choose my battles, and get lucky.

On the last lap, just in case the riders aren’t paying attention to the lap cards, the officials ring a bell. With one lap to go I was feeling good and riding in 20th position I think. We went around the back side of the course and got to the little hill. The right side of the road was open so I ripped past the field just before the wave of riders crashed to the right side. I ripped through the last hard left turn. I knew that I had gaped the field and the last little chicane was going to have them all searching for a line. I just went straight through with my legs burning and my heart going 200bps. My legs stopped wanting to turn over and they were hot on my tail.

I made to the line just in time. ericstatecritericstatecrit2

It was a good day.

Weekend Happenings

We had a nice Fall ride to the Hackelbarney Cider Mill on Sunday the 29th. The ride left the Morristown store at 8:00 am and we got a nice group photo at the cider mill.  I opted for an apple turnover instead of a doughnut.

We don't sell BMC bikes, but that's ok!

We don’t sell BMC bikes, but that’s ok!

My mom said this picture looked gross, but it tasted good.
apple turnover

This weekend we had Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. Specialized sent us some good promo stuff and JORBA lead the ride. I put up a signup form on the web page with some info on the event. We had about 30 kids show up and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Take a Kid Mountain Biking IMG_0834

On Sunday Marty and Jesse lead a wet ride from the Morristown Green. It was a nice easy family ride before the wellness yoga festival on the green. It was kind of rainy but fun was had by all.

That thing the kids are is called a WEEHOO. Ask Jesse about it.

That thing the kids are in is called a WEEHOO. Ask Jesse about it.

photo (39) photo (40)

On Sunday I went out to Trexlertown PA for the Bicycling Magazine Fall Classic. They had several ride options and I opted for the 90 miler. I hadn’t done one of these gran fondo style rides yet and this one looked to be pretty good. It turned out to be a great ride and I met some nice people. There were some timed climbs for a little competition, but between the climbs we just rolled at a nice quick pace.  George Hincapie was in front group with us and that was kind of cool. The ride ended with a loop around the velodrome, lunch and free beer.

Bicycling Fall Classic

George rolling along with us.

George rolling along with us.


Mark did a ride with Peggy and it was so good that she kissed him.

Mark and Peggy

Mark and Peggy

Mark did not kiss Marty, but here is a photo of them on the Green.

Mark and Marty

Mark and Marty