Cycling in the Media

What do Matt Damon, Don Swayze, Robin Williams, Cher, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have in common?  Other than being successful celebrity icons, these folks all have something to do with cycling.  The other question to ask is: How does this affect the world of cycling ?

Joseph Gordon Levitt Shows off his fixie skills in the movie “Premium Rush”

Joseph Gordon Levitt stared in a movie about fixed-gear messengers in New York City.  The plot was nothing spectacular, but they shot lot’s of superb fixie riding  and even had a cool trials riding scene.  They used Danny Macaskill as his stunt double,  an amazing rider who may have not received recognition for his skills by people who don’t live on the redbull youtube channel.

Matt Damon explains, to Jay Leno, what happened.  The funny aspect of this story is that the Hollywood reporter acts as if cycling is some foreign activity and doesn’t say, “moutnain biking,” but says, “riding his bike.”  Even Leno asks if Matt was “racing” someone.  The culture outside of bike shop still doesn’t fully understand cycling, which is not necessarily a bad thing, however nearly every discipline of the sport is still associated, by non-cyclists, with you-know-who.

It is very easy for those folks who don’t have an entire closet full of bibs and jerseys to make a judgement on the sport based on what they hear from the media.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this generation, it’s that haterz gonna hate.

It makes is easy to jump on the band wagon when a star, for instance, Cher, tweets angrily about cyclists.  But that was over two years ago, and things are looking up for the celebrity cycling community.  Don Swayze just appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker touting that he’s a serious mountain biker.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Robin Williams both discuss their love for cycling in numerous interviews.  If you simply google ‘celebrity cyclists’ dozens of household names pop up riding around on two wheels.  Cycling is becoming a larger, mainstream, lifestyle (not even including the hipsters.)  It’s great to see the culture moving in a positive direction.  How do you feel about the cycling celebrities and the media’s portrayal of the sport?  Also please answer the survey at the bottom of the post.  Thanks for reading!


Marty’s Aeolus Upgrade!

Roll fast, climb hard, even on snow banks...

Roll fast, climb hard, even on snow banks…

The Bontrager D3 Aeouls wheels are some of the most aerodynamic wheels on the market.  Their shallowest rims (Aeolus 3) actually beat the competition’s deeper rims at any yaw  or crosswind angle.  


Marty will be rolling fast on these babies this season.  The Bontrager Aeolus wheels use the highest quality OCLV carbon, and are hand-built in the United States.


With Bontrager Aeolus wheels, not only do they offer the stiffest and most efficient, yet comfortable ride out there, but they also look super cool on any bike.  Rumor has it that we will get some demos in soon.  We will keep you posted!