Gran Fondo NJ in the Works


This was supposed to be a week of mayhem and madness in the bike shop.  We were supposed to be frazzled, scared, and anxious for the upcoming Gran Fondo.  Marty’s hair was supposed to look like this by now.

cat hairThe truth is, he hasn’t had the need to pull his big hair out.  Over the last two years, Marty and Bill have gotten the organization and flow down.  While this is a huge event and requires an insane amount of work, it all feels a little less stressful and runs seamlessly when everyone, from sponsors to employees to riders, come together to do their part.


Marty’s hair is lookin’ good.

The COWS have worked out well in order to organize the necessities for the rest stops along the way.  Nearly everything is loaded and ready to go for Sunday morning.

Inside the guts of a COW

Inside the guts of a COW

 We hope you’re ready to spend an awesome day on your bicycle!


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