Eric’s Specialized Allez Race

I was in the market for a new bike and the Specialized rep sent me a link to a limited edition frame color for the Allez Race frame-set. The frame is anodized gold with a matching Tarmac sl4 fork. The fork is painted, but it looks just like the aluminum frame.  My last bike was an Sworks Tarmac SL4 and I got lots of people asking me why I painted my frame gold. The welds and the tubing do not look like a typical alloy bike, so it looks very close to my Tarmac.



I set the bike up with a Sram Force group from last year. The bars are alloy Shimano Pro Vibe Sprint. The post is an Sworks  and the saddle is a Romin Evo carbon. Wheels are Dura Ace 9000.

I have raced the bike several times and put about 1,500 miles on it. It  handles great and it doesn’t beat me up too much for an aluminum frame.  Yes, it’s not as light as the Sworks, but its pretty close. For someone who wants a great bike without breaking the bank, the Specialized  Allez Race is a great choice. You can get it as a complete bike or a frame-set.


Bike and Brunch Recap. Extra Bacon.

On August 25th Marty’s held a “Bike N’ Brunch” ride, which hadn’t happened in several years.  How could we forget about such a wonderful event that begins with our absolute favorite activity and ends with our other absolute favorite activity?  Anyway, at some point one of us remembered to combine the two and kick off the somewhat annual event.

At 8:30 in the morning, folks began to arrive sleepy eyed, or fully wired after a breakfast of Roctane.  The weather could not have been better.

Marty telling his latest, "A guy walks into a bar" jokes.

Here Marty discusses the finer points of Di2 technology.

The crowd began to thicken, and as 9:00 approached, we created a clipless pedal chorus and took off.

Click! Clack! Click! Clack!

The best part about this event was that it was designed for every level of rider.  There was a 13 or 30 mile loop with riders of varying ability levels in each.  Some of the hardcore riders even did a pre-ride loop to get in some extra mileage.  As the ride unfolded, the groups split off at their own speed, but everyone was enjoying the perfect day.

Marty bridges the gap and fends off the attack.

We all rolled into the Black River Barn parking lot with a hunger that could only be staved off by delicious eggs, bacon, french toast, home fries, pasta salad, sandwiches, and prime rib.  Did we mention they had omelettes too?

We spent the remainder of the late morning doing repeats on the buffet line and enjoying fresh OJ and coffee.  Most importantly, we enjoyed all of this with great company and conversation.  What an excellent way to enjoy a Sunday in August.

photo (6) photo (7)

Feeling Strong at the Summer’s End

We have all been pushing ourselves this season, and now we’re beginning to see the results.  Whether you’re racing or not, it’s an amazing feeling to roll over that hill, the one that’s been the bane of your existence all year, and think, “Hmm, I’m not even breathing hard.”  If you have been racing, the you’ve been watching your times getting faster and faster, your final place moving up in the pack.  It feels good, but it’s no time to quit!  Fall is on the way and you’re legs,  no matter what they’re telling you, are not tired.

Sometimes, like all of us, you get that feeling that you just want to chill out tonight and crack open that IPA.


If you’re not feeling that motivation anymore or have lost your “stoke,” take a look at some of the riders who are crushing it every day and completing amazing feats.

Kim Walker entered and came in 6th place at the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Kim Walker embarks on her Hot Air Balloon Race
Kim Walker embarks on her Hot Air Balloon Race

Eric Noonan rode away from the peloton to win a prime and then sprinted for 7th Place at the Cat 3 race in the Freedom Tour.

A Gold bicycle will make you faster!
A Gold bicycle will make you faster!

Jason Fowler deserves a a big shout out for pulling in to 10th place in the 4/5 at the Freedom tour.

Andres Jimenez, Josh Enyeart, Jay Rubell, and Tommy Limongello rocked the Cat 5 race early in the morning.

andreas pulling
Andreas gets the peloton moving

Paul Meir won the Lewis Morris Challenge in the Cat 1 19-29

They're still smiling after 21 miles of singletrack.
They’re still smiling after 21 miles of singletrack.

Getting your stoke back? Keep in mind, there are many more events to come, such as the world famous Marty Cross!


It’s that time of year when we the daylight begins to feign earlier and earlier, also known as night riding season.  The temperature is cool and the humidity is a little less intense.  Riding with a light at night turns the same old boring road or trail into a brand new experience budding with surprises.  If you don’t have a light already, we have plenty in stock at the shop!  The Serfas TSL 500 is a great work-horse headlight, and is USB rechargeable.

So don’t stop pedaling, it’s not over yet! And if you need a little extra motivation, come out to the Bike and Brunch on August 25th.  Brunch will be served at the Black River Barn… Mmmmm.